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If you do want to choose your own assets, you can browse through a diverse list of ETFs and stocks to find ones that match your interests and/or values. Stash will hold money in your account until you click the “Buy Now” button. Stash has three different account options, and it takes $5 to start investing in any of them. These fees are for accounts with up to $1, 000, 000 invested. Lending Club isn’t a general investing platform, and your investments are limited to the loans that are provided on the website. But once you have the money to start an account, you can invest in individual loan “notes” for as little as $25 each.

This means your $1, 000 account can be diversified across as many as 40 individual loan notes. Because there is no banker involved, the investor gets a higher rate of return on their money than they can with bank investments, and borrowers often pay lower rates. Finally, no discussion of micro-investing would be complete without at least mentioning investing in P2P lending. These are websites that bring both lenders and borrowers together on the same website to create loans. You can open up an account with TD Ameritrade with no money at all, although they do recommend you have at least $1, 000 in your account before you begin investing.

Other apps allow you to invest based on triggers and rules, such as investing a set amount whenever you spend more than £100. Some platforms let you invest the change left over from your regular credit or debit card transactions. If you buy a coffee for £2. 50, the app rounds up to the nearest pound and puts 50p into your investment account. It’s low commitment, low risk and you might not even notice the money leaving your account. If you take advantage of an app that rounds up your daily expenses like coffee, transport or groceries, you can invest a decent amount each year without feeling skint. Micro investing is an available way to get started in investment. That matters more than you might think, since the key to investment would be to start investing as early as possible.

Betterment also has financial advice packages starting at $199. There is an online savings account called Betterment Everyday.

Cash Reserve, Betterment’s checking account, is being released soon. And, Two-Way Sweep is a cash analysis tool that moves excess cash from a linked checking account to a Betterment Cash Reserve account. For those investing with Twine, Twine has three different portfolios that are managed on a glide path. This is a strategic approach to determining the right mix of equity and fixed income assets to meet your goals. Started by insurance giant John Hancock in 2018, Twine has branded itself as a micro saving and investing app that’s built for two. You can invest with your spouse, your partner, or even your friend.

I’m also looking forward to seeing studies down the road on the effect that micro-investing will ultimately end up having on millennials’ overall investing habits. Betterment has tons of options for investors in all different stages of life. That means you can start using Betterment as a micro investor and stick around when you’re able to make more substantial contributions.

The portfolio is then created for you, and comprised of slices of several ETF’s. This enables you to effectively invest in literally thousands of different investment securities, with very little money. An alternative to micro-investing is to invest through an out-and-out robo advisor. These are automated investment platforms that handle every aspect of the investment process for you. There’s no minimum deposit required to start using the app, and there are no account fees required.

Micro Investment

You could gain more by investing a small, regular amount now than by investing thousands of pounds in future decades. Micro investments are more likely to yield micro rewards than millions – at least in the short term – but don’t let that put you off.